Spousal Support

Equitable and Fair Negotiations

Our Family Mediators are there to support you in receiving your spousal support to help you move forward.

Spousal Support is also known as alimony or spousal maintenance. Although there is a universal calculation used to determine spousal support, there are contributing legal factors that may affect the final calculation. Therefore it is important to have a team of professionals on your side to help you and your ex-partner ensure fair and lawful spousal support calculation. Canada Family Mediation's team are experts in financial matters and will ensure spousal support is calculated fairly.

The family mediators will ensure that the following areas are addressed when it comes to your spousal support:

- Calculating Spousal Support Program.
- Increasing or Decreasing Spousal Support.
- Lump Sum Spousal Support
- Unpaid Spousal Support
- Termination of Spousal Support
- Collecting Support

Our fees structure:

All Arbitration matters carry a $240 per hour fee, Mediation services are $120 per hour, Parent Co-ordinator services are $120 per hour, Voice of the child report is $180 per hour.

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