Child Support

Financial Benefits for your Child

To quickly, fairly and cost efficiently secure a fair child support judgement in Ontario, we recommend using a Family Mediation Services instead of a Family Law Lawyer. A knowledgeable family law mediator will greatly reduce frustration, costs and conflict while keeping the child as the central focus. Whereas a divorce lawyer will add to stress for ex-partners and/or the children involved as they wheel through the slow court system using your money.

Child support is determined based on a formula that carries a calculation across Canada. It is recommended to review child support claims annually. 

How is child support calculated? The child support calculation is based on the government's Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines say that child support is usually made up of two amounts, a monthly amount called the table amount and additional expenses called special or extraordinary expenses. 

Special or extraordinary expenses may include:

  • child-care fees, such as daycare, to allow the parent who looks after the child to go to work or school
  • the part of medical and dental insurance premiums the other parent pays to cover their child
  • their child's health expenses, such as orthodontics, prescriptions, eyeglasses, counselling, or hearing aids
  • reasonable and extraordinary expenses to meet the child's particular education needs, such as tutors or private school fees
  • expenses for post-secondary education
  • reasonable and extraordinary expenses for the child's extracurricular activities, such as competitive sports classes, that are not covered by the table amount

The Child Support Table is different for each province, however if the payor parent lives outside of Canada and the other parent in Ontario, the Ontario Table applies. The child support calculation can get complicated depending on financial status of each party and other circumstances.

Our fees structure:

All Arbitration matters carry a $240 per hour fee, Mediation services are $120 per hour, Parent Co-ordinator services are $120 per hour, Voice of the child report is $180 per hour.

We can help with:

Whether you are collecting child support in Ontario, Canada or Internationally, our team will quickly ensure fair calculation is conducted and you are able to provide the necessary needs while moving through family mediation, court litigation proceedings or divorce arbitration. 

  • Unpaid child support
  • Delay for request in child support
  • Filing for extraordinary expenses
  • Locating undisclosed income
  • Claiming financial hardships. 

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